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Madness Elimination is a series created by Splurgle about a man trying to kill a gangleader. It has 5 episodes, with Splurgle remaking the 5th episode due to the original being rushed.


Steve "The Eliminator" Queenston


The Eliminator in Madness Elimination 5

The main protagonist of the series.

The Gangleader

The main antagonist of the series.

The "Morons"

The Gangleader's henchmen, looked like 1337 agents, until the fifth episode.


Called Resurrects in the series.

Madness Elimination 1

Madness Elimination 1 starts to what appears to be halfway through the episode. It starts as the Eliminator grabs one of the henchmen and uses him like a meat shield, while killing two agents in front of him. He drops the meat shield then proceeds, but not before killing another henchman armed with a sword of some sort. He proceeds into the next room and kills the single henchman in the room, another agent charges at the Eliminator but is beaten down with a fire extinguisher then shot.

Madness Elimination 2


Madness Elimination 3


Madness Elimination 4


Madness Elimination 5




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