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Madness Combat Defence menu

Madness Combat Defence menu

Madness Combat Defence is a tower defense flash game based on the Madness Combat series. It has no real goal or objective. You have to prevent numerous characters crossing over to the other side with a variety of weaponry.

Weapon Levels

Level Colours

Level 1: Red

Level 2: Yellow

Level 3: Green

Level 4: Blue

Level 5: White


Scout Turret

"Your Basic Hard working Gun."
Thingy 1

The Five stages of scout turret

Lv.1: Damage: 3. Range: 80.

Lv.2: Damage: 6. Range: 100.

Lv.3: Damage: 12. Range: 120.

Lv.4: Damage: 24. Range: 140.

Lv.5: Damage: 50. Range: 140.

Mighty Tower

"An useful tower with area effect"
Thingy 2

The Five stages of Mighty Tower

Lv.1: Damage: 30. Range: 50.

Lv.2: Damage: 60. Range: 60.

Lv.3: Damage: 100. Range: 75.

Lv.4: Damage: 400. Range: 100.

Lv.5: Damage: 1600. Range: 100.

Mounted Artillery

"Never underestimate a man with a machine gun!"
Thingy 3

The 5 stages of Mounted Artillery

Lv.1: Damge: 8. Range: 50.

Lv.2: Damage: 15. Range: 70.

Lv.3: Damage: 30. Range: 90.

Lv.4: Damage: 120. Range: 110.

Lv.5: Damage: 480. Range: 110.


"Does serious damage over time to up to 4 targets."
Thingy 4

The 5 stages of Multi-zapper

Lv.1: Damage: 30. Range: 40.

Lv.2: Damage: 60. Range: 40.

Lv.3: Damage: 120. Range: 40.

Lv.4: Damage: 600. Range: 40.

Lv.5: Damage: 2000. Range: 40.

Teleport Pad

"Transports to the start ONCE. Can save your life, but cuts reward in half."
Thingy 5

The 5 Stages of Teleport Pad

Lv.1: Damage: 10. Range: 30.

Lv.2: Damage: 8. Range: 40.

Lv.3: Damage: 6. Range: 50.

Lv.4: Damage: 5. Range: 60.

Lv.5: Damage: 4. Range: 70.

Coin Bank

"Gives extra money for enemies killed in range. Sells back for full value."

Lv.1: Damage: 1. Range: 50.
Madness Combat Defense Coin Bank

Lv.2: Damage: 2. Range: 60.

Lv.3: Damage: 4. Range: 70.

Lv.4: Damage: 8. Range: 80.

Lv.5: Damage: 50. Range: 80.

Static Placement

"Slows and does damage to those who walk on it."

Lv.1: Damage:
Madness Combat Defense Static Placement
15. Range: 20.

Lv.2: Damage: 30. Range: 20.

Lv.3: Damage: 60. Range: 20.

Lv.4: Damage: 120. Range: 20.

Lv.5: Damage: 240. Range: 20.

War Cannon

"Dish out serious damage."

Lv.1: Damage: 4,000. Range: 90.
Madness Combat Defense War Cannon

Lv.2: Damage: 9,000. Range: 115.

Lv.3: Damage: 18,000. Range: 165.

Lv.4: Damage: 40,000. Range: 215.

Lv.5: Damage: 200,000. Range: 215.

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