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Main character of Madness Dedication and some agents killed by him.

Madness Combat: Dedication is a Madness Combat tribute created by Newgrounds animator Ellvis, and posted for Madness Day 2012. Krinkels was shown to have liked it enough to have favourited the animation on his Newgrounds account.

The setting starts outside a large warehouse, where two 1337 agents with black shades are standing guard. A third enters the scene and extends his middle finger to show as a passcode, and is let in. Then the scene zooms out to show a faced character with a skull t-shirt, and clutching a golden pistol, and a falchion. The protagonist shoots the outdoor guards several times with his pistol before holstering it, and proceeds to cut up several other guards before discarding his Falchion for a katana.

After cutting up a good amount of guards, he then takes a Vigneron M2 and takes it into the next room, but ducks in cover as two other guards enter the room. The protagonist then kills both and several others with his SMG, and then proceeds to take a SPAS-12 and use it as a club on an agent, who is sent to another agent who was clutching an M16 with grenade launcher. The protagonist's face shows the Me Gusta meme face before proceeding to a hatch in the middle of the floor. Yet as he is about to descend, Tricky appears with two falchions and attempts to kill the protagonist, only to be tripped into the wall, where the protagonist laughs at his dead body. 
Tricky cameo

Short cameo of Tricky

He then makes his decent below, where he cuts most of the guards with an impressive speed before bringing out the M16 he stole and proceeding to launch a grenade into a guard's head and send it into two other guards, and then entering an elevator, not knowing that his rifle is out of ammo.

As he is ready to kill the last three guards, he learns of his ammo depletion and says: "Dammit."  Then he pulls out his golden pistol, but realizes that it is also out of ammo, and he says: "Goddammit." Then the guards try to kill him, but he quickly reloads his gun, and pulls out a second, and proceeds to kill the last of the guards, throwing down his pistols when done. With all the guards dead, the protagonist moves to the a computer at the left ending of the room that reads: Press button to destroy world. At first, his extended pointer finger seems to be ready to press the button, but instead he takes a CD that reads: Hardstyle mix, and claims that this is what he was after all along.

The last slide shows the protagonist in a car and burping with what appears to be a bottle of beer as the screen goes black, following a car crash sound.

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