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Madness: Project Nexus 2
A splash screen for Madness: Project Nexus 2.
Music:Cheshyre, Devin Martin
Release date(s):TBA
Genre(s):Action, Shooter
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Madness: Project Nexus 2 is an upcoming Madness Combat shooter/action game developed by Krinkels and The-Swain. It is the sequel to Madness: Project Nexus. It was officially announced by both Swain and Krinkels on Madness Day 2013, and it was also stated that a Kickstarter may be started to help fund the project.

Unlike its predecessor, Project Nexus 2 will not be made using Flash. Instead, the game will be made using the Unity game engine, and played with Unity Player. With Unity, this enables the game to be created with fully functioning 3D graphics. The 3D models used for the game are being made by Krinkels, but another modeler may provide modeling talent in the later stages of development in the game.

Gameplay will remain in a diagonal isometric perspective, with a similar room format as its predecessor. Krinkels has also stated that despite the move to 3D graphics, the visual style will remain "cartoony", thanks in part to custom cel-shading.

The decision was made to use Unity rather than Flash because Flash could not handle the features that were intended to be implemented in the original game. All news and updates for the development on the game can be found on the official blog.

According to The-Swain, M:PN2 is meant to be an extension of Madness: Project Nexus the same way M:PN was an expression of the Madness series. [1]

The-Swain revealed that M:PN2 will support PC, Mac and Linux, and they hope to get it on Steam. Console support is also possible in future. [2]

Planned FeaturesEdit

The following features have been confirmed by either Krinkels or The-Swain:

  • Arena Mode [3]
    • A perk-system similar to the predecessor.
      • A Legendary perk-system that will allow players to use skills similar to the protagonists of Madness Combat, and even increase the player's size.
    • The-Swain has stated that the game is being built specifically to support the arena mode. [4]
  • More weapons, like grenades
  • Dual-wielding weapons [5]
    • Pressing the dodge key while dual-wielding will possibly make a shockwave that would kill lesser enemies [6]
  • Possibility of shields, gloves and boots.
  • The game will immediately follow the events after Episode 1 of M:PN. [7]
  • An "A.A.H.W. Mode," where the player leads soldiers in order to stop a Madness Combat protagonist and prevent him from killing your boss character. [8]
    • The player will possibly be able to directly control the boss character.
  • Weapon upgrades [9]
  • Enemies will be able to follow you from room-to-room; battles wouldn't be room-locked like in the prequel. [10]
  • There will be a new "sub-Mag" enemy unit that will replace the G03LMs. [11]
    • This new enemy unit will shove smaller enemy units aside.
    • The armor on the enemy unit will deflect all bullets.
  • Free Roam mode [12]
  • Multiplayer may be possible, but it's not one of The-Swain's top priorities.
  • Destructible bodies [13]
  • Armor will deteriorate to damage [14]
  • Players will not be limited to only one character in Arena Mode, unlike the prequel [15]
  • Players will be able to use G03LM-sized weapons. [16]

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