Madness: Ascend
Madness ascend
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Music:ParagonX9, NemesisTheory, Brian Allen Holmes, YouriX
Track(s):Airbass, ParagonX9 - Chaoz Survivor, Weeping Demon, Cycle of Life (MAC8-MTM), -:YRX:-MachinRAa Black St, ]|[ Town Shopping
Release date:September 24, 2010
Running time:5:35
Protagonist(s):Hank J. Wimbleton
Main antagonist(s):Jesus, Tricky
Body count:18
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``The sky is red, there is no life around, just people marked with inevitable damnation. But there is one guy, by the name of Hank, who is gonna turn everything around and save the world from this MADNESS´´

The synopsis of the animation on YouTube

Madness: Ascend is a tribute animation made by the user Pegosho for Madness Day 2010, it was announced one month before the start of the event. This animation has a strange style in the fight scenes, but is forgiven by its good story. It won the third position among the animations of Madness Day.


Hank is the single protagonist of the animation, Tricky and Jesus are the main antagonists, the Agency Against Hank Wimbleton is another enemy, the Sheriff is only mentioned, the Auditor and the Hot dog vendor appear as easter eggs.

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