• Concept art of the MERC Gunner Class 0
  • Concept art of the MERC Gunner Class 1
  • Concept art of the MERC Gunner Class 2
  • Concept art of the MERC Gunner Class 3
  • Concept art of the MERC Captain
  • Concept art of the MERC Sarge
Debut:Madness: Project Nexus 2
Appearances:1 (game only)

The MERC faction, a rag-tag, barely functional group that roamed Nevada, constantly on the cusp of being completely obliterated. The incident at the Nexus core, however, allowed their opportunistic leaders to seize the weapons and means to train their units, as well as expand their ranks to such a degree that they present a substantial threat. They possess the ability to traverse the city's Great Walls with greater ease than even the A.A.H.W., and their swollen numbers lend to a brutal, versatle force that is to be reckoned with. Intel find that while their units fall into archetypical roles, the results they produce are nothing to dismiss.
- Krinkels: MERCs? MERCs.

201579589 NewCanvas

Here we have 3D models of the MERC classes, from Gunner classes 1 to 3 and the Captain and Sarge units. A pilot unaffiliated with the MERCs is shown in the top-left.

The MERC faction is a group of enemy units that is set to appear in the upcoming game Madness: Project Nexus 2. They are a rag-tag faction group that roam Nevada, with some members being former A.A.H.W. units. The faction is divided into four classes: MERC Gunner Class 0, MERC Gunner Class 1, MERC Gunner Class 2, and MERC Gunner Class 3, with Class 0 being the weakest and Class 3 as the strongest.

What appears to be a MERC Gunner Class 3 shooting dual Thompson SMGs at a zombie.

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