M60 MC3
The M60 from Madness Combat 3 and Madness Interactive
Type:Machine gun
Used by:Tricky

The M60 is an American 7.62mm machine gun. It was the first machine gun to appear in the series, seen only in Madness Avenger, used by Tricky in an attempt to kill Hank. However, Hank used a grunt as a shield against it. Tricky discarded it when its ammo was depleted.

The M60 also appears in Madness Interactive. It can hold 30 rounds and fires 3-round bursts. It's also a usable weapon in Madness Project Nexus 2.

Madness Interactive stats

Damage Ammo
2 × 3 30

To view an article on the M60 from Wikipedia, click here.

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