Happiness Apotheosis
Author:Mike EM
Track(s):Madness 4
Teh Tricky Techno!
Release date:September 22, 2007
Main antagonist(s):Sheriff
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Happiness Combat is a parody of Madness Combat 4: Apotheosis by Mike EM. The entire animation is fairly similar to the original story, except everything is related to happiness, sharing, and caring rather than violence.

The grunts seem to hate each other as seen at the beginning when two of them give each other the middle finger, also when they receive ice cream by the protagonist one gets a Spongebob ice cream, the other, being jealous, shoots him and steals his ice cream. The main character, who is like a parallel version of Hank, being very happy and generous throughout, giving gifts instead of shooting down the agents. The animation takes place in the same building from MC4, but instead continues through the door on the far left when at the room where Hank originally enters Club M.

In the middle of the episode, the main character encounters the Sheriff, and attempts to give him a teddy bear. Fearing that the teddy bear could have a bomb threat inside, the Sheriff rejects the bear fleeing the character and eventually orders his guards to kill the protagonist. Afterwards, the bear is ripped open, revealing no such threat. Emotional music plays, and the Sheriff sheds a tear. However, this moment is cut short by the revealing of an actual bomb, which then explodes and kills the Sheriff. It then cuts to the real Hank, giving a thumbs-up.


  • At the end, there is a reference to the "WTFBomb" meme.
  • One room of the animation includes a cameo of the polemic Tricky Bangbanggooberblat.

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