• Corpse of a grunt
  • Corpse of an agent
  • Corpse of an A.T.P. engineer
  • Corpse of an A.T.P. soldat
Used by:Hank, Deimos, Mag Agent: Torture, Mag Agent: V2
Kill(s):5 (2 non-canon)

Corpse is the medical term for a deceased body. They have appeared in every single Madness Combat animation and are usually the result of the protagonist.

There have been several times where corpses were used as a weapon or shield. In Madness Combat 1, Hank threw a headless corpse at a grunt. In Madness Inundation, a mag agent threw several A.T.P. engineer corpses at Jesus. Deimos also used Hank's corpse as a shield and throwing weapon in Madness Aggregation. In the same episode, Sanford used the corpse of an A.T.P. engineer on the end of his hook to kill several agents in the back of a truck. Mag Agent: Torture also used a couple of grunt corpses as weapons in Incident: 011A.

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