• Kennytheninja117


    February 16, 2017 by Kennytheninja117

    I know... i'm inactive... because Jrotc that's why... I apologize, I'll try to make more edits soon... 

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  • Battle cats player

    Can someone tell me what this agent/unit is thx. 

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  • Kennytheninja117


    November 29, 2016 by Kennytheninja117

    I'm still unsure about the mistakes in the Improbability Drive article if I would be informed of the mistakes that'd be a great help. Thanks! 

    -Kenny Madden

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  • Kennytheninja117


    November 10, 2016 by Kennytheninja117

    Dear Admins,

    I would like to formally apologize to the admins for my stupid and immature blog posts. I'm 16 years old I shouldn't be acting like some neckbeard or troll who just discovered this site. From now on I'll create more sensible and tolerable blog posts. Once again I am sorry.

    - Kenny Madden

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  • Carrus

    The Walther PPK is a pistol in Madness: Project Nexus. The gun is priced at $475 ($548 if it has one upgrade), making it the most cheapest firearm in Arena Mode.

    At the cost of being a cheap firearm, The PPK is the most mediocre performing pistol in the game. It has an 8-round magazine; the smallest clip size of all pistols. This pistol is poor choice against enemies sporting TAC-Bars or huge amounts of health, such as ATP soldats and G03LM units. This gun is especially useless to fight against zombies, as they take more damage than normal enemies.

    Since this gun spawns along the other standard pistols; the Beretta 92 and Browning HP, this gun is rendered obsolete as both guns sport large magazines (18 and 13), and deal more damage per bullet (…

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  • Lr.Ragon 1.5

    Madness Anvil Killer is a movie tribute by RonandoChat,this series was released on July 9. Currenty, part 2 is currenty under judgment. Part 1 was pass judgment on same its day released 

    link to watch part 1:

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  • Beppo-Jedi

    Madness Combat 8.5

    October 28, 2015 by Beppo-Jedi

    Somewhere in Nevada

    4 Agents and 2 Engineer are standing in one room, until suddenly the door opens and a Grenade rolling to them and explodes. Sanford and Deimos come into the room which has the 6 dead bodies in it and they kill more attackers where also coming in the room. After this they crossed two rooms. While Sanford kills agents, Deimos light a Cigarette. After Deimos light his cigarette and begins to smoke, a agent throws a Sword to his head but Deimos could dodge at the last second.

    After all agents were dead, suddenly the house flies in the Sky, Sanford and Deimos crossed the whole house until to the last room. The house lands at the railway lines at the Sheriff-Drive. Sanford and Deimos shoot out the window and kill the 6 engineer…

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  • Cooljesse37

    I like turdlz

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  • Beppo-Jedi

    Madness Combat 4.5

    September 22, 2015 by Beppo-Jedi

    Somewhere in Nevada

    Hank was revived, and his whole body and the back of his head was bandaged by the Higher Powers.

    Hank go into a house...his target was Rich the new Sheriff!

    After a few rooms, he took from a locker a black jacket and puts it on. After he has crossed again a few rooms he takes a black bandana from a table and put it also on.

    Much posters are on the walls and on them stands: "Soon the new Ranks [1][2][3] will be available!" He crosses the house until it arrives at Rich's office. Hank kill Richs Bodyguards and Hank throw his Dragon sword in Richs belly whereupon he staggers, then Hank shoots with a Shotgun in Richs face, whereupon he dies. Hank goes to Rich's desk where red glasses and a Desert Eagle lies, he puts the gun in h…

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  • Beppo-Jedi

    Madness Combat 3.5

    September 21, 2015 by Beppo-Jedi

    Somewhere in Nevada

    Hank was again revived by the Higher Powers...

    Two Grunts standing in front of a house and keep watch until Hank appear and kills them. With his left hand on his sword wound and in his right hand the gun, goes he into the house.

    After he had crossed a small part of the house, he found again a cabinet with Bandages and bandaged his sword wound. In the house are lots of posters where stands: "Rich the fresh appointed deputy was the new Sheriff!"

    Meanwhile Tricky and Jesus were also revived by the Higher Powers, Tricky put his mask on, and Jesus his sunglasses. Somewhere else Hank crosses a large part of the house until he arrives at the garage where a car stands. He kills the grunts, go into the Car and drives away.

    To later v…

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  • Beppo-Jedi

    Madness Combat 2.5

    September 19, 2015 by Beppo-Jedi

    Somewhere in Nevada

    Hank was revived by the Higher Powers...

    Four Grunts standing in a room and keep watch, until Hank bursts into the room and kills them all, he has his left hand on his gunshot wound and his gun in his right hand. Two rooms later he finds a cabinet with Bandages and bandaged his gunshot wound.

    Then he crossed the house and went to the Sheriffs house. Hank kills two guards outside of the house and climb up the wall to the ventilation shaft. He makes the grid off and climbs into the shaft.

    Body count: 64

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  • Beppo-Jedi

    Madness Combat 1.5

    September 18, 2015 by Beppo-Jedi

    Somewhere in Nevada

    Hank followed the map which leads him to a pie, after a while he has arrived at a house, what was the goal of the map. He puts the card into his pocket. As he tried to go in the house two Grunts stand in front of the door and shove him away, Hank gets angry and beat them to death, he go into the house and kill more attackers.

    After he had crossed a large part of the house, he met Jesus, Hank shoots at him with a Desert Eagle but he fend it off with his shield. After Hanks ammo was empty, Jesus threw him with telekinesis through the wall, he pick the Desert Eagle from the ground in order to use it later against Hank.

    Hank lands in the next room and kill the Grunts in there. He crosses a small part of the house until he arrive…

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  • HAYDS999

    my nexus guys

    July 21, 2015 by HAYDS999
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  • Pet The Lizards

    I see that on both this Wiki and Krinkels' official website, the title and composer of the Madness Combat 2 music are both unknown. It might help to know that the genre of the music is referred to as "gypsy jazz", so if anyone cares to try finding it, listen to/search through some gypsy jazz albums on YouTube.

    Keep in mind that this is just a suggestion and that I'm not guaranteeing we'll find it this way. For all we know, the composer may have shared the music anonymously.

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  • Zarbonito

    I have created a crew for all you madness fans who play Grand Theft Auto V.

    The crew can be found here:

    To join contact me (Zarbonito) or my friend (yuvalgr).

    Thanks and have a nice day! :)

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  • HAYDS999

    My drawings go here... 

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  • HAYDS999


    May 15, 2015 by HAYDS999

    quick arena combat wave update I've reached wave 17

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  • Zarbonito

    I'm back!

    March 16, 2015 by Zarbonito

    Well, I literally have no idea where to put this so I'll just make a little blog here.

    I took a time out from all the trolls, the vandals, the idiots.. blah blah

    But now I'm back! I'll be checking the wiki on a daily basis again!

    I'm posting this for the ones who might wonder where I was.

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  • The MTF called Scouter

    How are your Arena Mode characters? Don't be shy and show your killing machine! 

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  • Undeadstorm6


    November 12, 2014 by Undeadstorm6
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  • GameZone1

    Just for fun, mate.

    The standard weaponry issued to the ranks of the A.A.H.W..

    All of the ranks are given freedom as to what weapons they can use, and the AK series firearms (AK-47, AK-74, AK-74U) seem to be standard-issue weapons in all 4 ranks.

    The A.A.H.W. has a number of firearms they've modified for their units.

    1. Most of their AR-15s have been modified to fire fully automatically.
    2. Early in the A.A.H.W.'s life, they experimented with AMT Automag series pistols and turned them into fully-automatic machine pistols, which the designer of the mod claimed to be accidental. Later, when the Nexus Training Program started, they extended the pistol grips on Automag V's and gave them Desert Eagle magazines.
    3. They've modified their Benelli M4s to have M3…

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  • Falkok51

    Seriously. I need some feedback on them. It will help me make better edits in the future.

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  • Themadnessfiles

    I need a image of what it looks like. Then I might get a lead or something. What are guns that look similar to the PM-63?

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  • Madnesscrazy

    Hi, Blud Here

    February 3, 2014 by Madnesscrazy

    Yeah just to let all of you know, It's Blud here

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  • Superkid78


    December 24, 2013 by Superkid78


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  • Spacegod105NG

    Collab from spacegod105

    December 18, 2013 by Spacegod105NG

    News from collab:

    No More Member.

    and the collab begin:


    1) send me fla file then swf file but madyellowblood send to me only swf file.

    2) 550 * 400 pixels.

    3) background color is = black.

    4) action script 2.

    5) use only macromedia flash 8.

    6) frame rate 30.

    7) its spam collab no porn collab.

    8) no break rules.

    9) 2 clip to 5 clip.

    10) 50 frames to 500 frames.

    11) change the libray name.

    12) no more member.


    15.1.2013, maybe.

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  • MarioFan7589


    November 1, 2013 by MarioFan7589

    i hate this wiki... I'm leaving... NEGATIVE!!! -5 star service here.

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  • MDGrunt

    I Feel Useless ;(

    October 22, 2013 by MDGrunt

    I can never make an edit, I fail at everything and I get bullied every day. I guess I'm just not the gamer person. Each time I do something special, a bunch of people did it too, and I was born with a birth defection. Good things never come my way...

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  • MDGrunt

    Good Day

    October 20, 2013 by MDGrunt

    Have A Good Day.

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  • MDGrunt

    F*** yea!

    October 20, 2013 by MDGrunt

    I just beat Phobos in MPN in under a minute! I got lucky and shot him four times before he finished his introduction, and sprayed nexus bolts at him after that, and he died after the fifth bolt. Body Count? About 10. Lol.

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  • MDGrunt

    I'm ready. I've trained, slept, and hid in boxes enough times, im gonna quit 1337. Hank is gonna kill me if I don't. It's time to join l33t, bitch!

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  • JS.06

    MOAR people means MOAR madness !

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  • FridjikkTheWikiMember

    Hello everyone! I decided to put my theories and guesses in the blog about the MC11. As we know, Krinkels is already creating MC11. He has released two screenshots. Let's see;

    The First screenshot... This is clearly a new character we have not seen in MC. Personally, I think this is Krinkels. Imagine Hank Sanford and destroyed the Auditor (or rather did Tricky). There is no danger at all, does not it? But here we see the main creator of all this mess .... Krinkels! And what if he was the chief of the Madness world? Or is he the owner of "Higher Powers"? Time will tell... 

    The second screenshot... It shows Hank and Sanford. Hank has increased a little bit of blood on the body. Sanford shoots with a Glock 20 (the gun since the MC10) to someone…

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  • Abomination249

    Here's some tips for the game:

    A.T.P. engineers :The first A.T.P. engineers appear in stage 1-E [Recon hut].It's recommended to play as Sanford on these levels cause his hook always comes back after throwing.If you throw a weapon it ignores TAC-BARs.

    A.T.P. soldats:the same tips like with A.T.P engineers but they can do flipping dodge.If you drain an A.T.P. soldat's TAC-bar and he dodges shoot him imediatly after he lands.

    G03LMs and G03LM mk2s : If your melee weapon isn't very powerful try to knock down theyr helmets unarmed because you can't dodge when armed with melee weapon.G03LMs will always ignore your TAC-bar and  knock you down when punching or using weapon at close range.Their attacks are unblockable.

    Special attack : if you come very…

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  • Lord Fhalkyn

    Growing bored...

    June 9, 2013 by Lord Fhalkyn

    When will Nexus 2.0 (or at least 1.9) come out? I'm getting bored!

    Come to think of it, The-Swain hasn't been very active... I wonder if he's still alive?

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  • Madpredator

    Please help!

    May 20, 2013 by Madpredator

    Do anyone know the name of the song that plays in "Dad"-animations? I need that song for my animation

    Thanks already!

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  • Abomination249

    Prank games

    May 2, 2013 by Abomination249

    Some of  the madness games on Newgrounds such as Madness exploration are actually pranks.They look cool but after you try them out you'l realize it.

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    February 7, 2013 by ULTRASEVEN2000

    im bored

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  • Za'rath

    This is my first blog in here and I want to say that my time in here has been great!

    But that's not the point of this blog, the point is that some while ago, while in a middle of doing something else completly, found a place where you can download Project Nexus into your computer.Keep in mind that it isn't official one(So don't blame me when something happens to you).

    Also these guys there make sure to update to same version as the one in Newgrounds.I just hope it will help you somewhat, since I'm probably gonna wait until the game is truly completed and it can be downloaded officialy.

    This is the place I'm talking about

    Take care everyone and see ya later! 

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  • 1999Elias

    In this site, I found this:

    FBI-9 Assault Rifle-A weapon created by Imperial Laboratories Designer Tzymine Xanthin, the FBI-9 is chambered for 5.56 mm ammunition. It has a 30-round magazine normally, though it is compatible with a 100-round drum magazine. The gun itself is of moderate power and good accuracy, and is compatible with a 40mm grenade launcher attachment. A number of different types of grenades are available, including standard frag grenades, incendiary grenades, flashbangs, and the typical Imperial electro-grenade.

    I'm with doubt about what this guy is, if is any of Krinkels' fan, or somthing. I need the help of you guys, because the Image I found by clicking in t…

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  • GameZone1

    Hello there. In this blog post, this guide can show you how to beat the bosses in Story Mode, as well as the levels containing them. Alright, with the rather short introduction out of the way:

    This level contains several G03LMs, which are rather hard to kill.

    For this level, you'll want to be playing as Sanford, as he holds the hook, which will never break, and can be thrown to not only attack enemies from afar, but also bring them in to make it easier to kill them. And it always comes back to you. This will be especially useful in rooms with G03LMs, as they can have their helmet knocked off in around 5 hits with a weapon.

    You'll want to play on Easy difficulty so all firearms come with extra clips, since in the several last rooms, other than…

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  • Madpredator


    January 22, 2013 by Madpredator

    Hi everyone

    I need your help now. Have anyone noticed ANY evidences that Sheriff and Auditor can't be same person?

    I really need that information for my animation, so please post your opinions!

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  • Madpredator

    Madness Chronicless

    January 17, 2013 by Madpredator

    Some exposes of what will come:

    -At least three new protagonists and a new Mag Agent


    -Sheriffs secret weaponry lab

    -Rebirth of the Nexus Project

    -Story of Tricky

    -Plenty of fighting, shooting, blood, bones, bullets, hot dogs, pies, lies, action, explosions and MADNESS

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  • Madpredator

    My Madness-animation

    January 11, 2013 by Madpredator

    I'm going to make my own Madness-animation. Actually, whole animation series. The idea of series is to tell the backstory of Madness Combat, and it will be called "Chronicles of Madness" or maybe just "Madness Chronicles". I just need to buy Adobe Flash.  I have thousands of ideas and a ready script, only missing thing is a program. And skills :D

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    Just another idea,just like the MC11 plot post.Oh btw.If anyone of you knows Krinkels,you should get him here,eh?

    Madness Combat:The Madness Op will mix various elements from popular FPS's,like Black Ops (not the 2nd),Battlefield and that kind,while combining other adventure/action games.

    • Feuturing most,if not ALL MC characters,dead or alive.
    • 3 camera modes:3rd person,1st person and classic side scroller camera,togglable.
    • Combined weapons from the real world,MW3,BOPS,BT3 and more.
    • 4 modes:Normal campaign mode,zombie/human survival modes,sandbox mode,and open world mode.
    • Campaign centered around the Nevada desert,with Hank,Sandford,and Deimos taking out the many pockets of resistance after the future Madness project nexus episode 2.0,with a plot t…

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  • Madnesscrazy

    Mafia Madness Game

    October 15, 2012 by Madnesscrazy

    I had an Idea of making a game for my mafia Madness series, But due to the fact that I SUCK at coding, it cannot become a reality, this is what it would look like if it DID exist.

    Mafia Madness: The Game is a flash game

    Kage Jason is a leader in a rebelion against the Mafia, Located in a city called Glen. Kage must kill the Mafia men upon sight. Or Play the side missions as Micheal and Geso. Or go all out it Battle Mode where you Can Play as one of the 3 Protagonists, the Antagonists, Characters from other games, or your own Character. The story will update as the series goes on!

    Protagonist: Kage Jason

    Goal: Clear the park of the Mafia

    Protagonist: Kage Jason

    Goal: Reach to the Mafialeader and Kill him!

    Protagonists: Geso and Micheal

    Goal: Unknown


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  • Blaze Anderson

    MC 11

    September 15, 2012 by Blaze Anderson

    Ok, i talked to krinkles on Gmail(yes, i'm friends with him) and he said that MC 11 might be out in october, to some time early next year, so yea, we might be seeing the episode soon :3

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  • Madnesscrazy

    September 5, 2012 by Madnesscrazy

    I'm working on a website for my animations, I need to solve a few things first, (Like knowing how to put animation onto it and getting rid of the annoying outlines) It's not much at the moment but I'm Improving on it I'm coding it in Note pad so if anyone can offer coding support I'll gladly accept it.

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  • Madnesscrazy

    Supernatrual Trio

    September 3, 2012 by Madnesscrazy

    I figured I'd Make A trio out of Blud, Kage and Steven. So I Called them the Supernatural trio Mainly because I'm to lazy to come up with anything better, and the fact that each character has something un-natural about them.

    Un-natural Qualites

    Blud: Has control over everything, Immortal, Becomes a Demon-like thing when angry.

    Kage: Control Over time, Unable to heal.

    Steven: IQ of 300, (If you don't think it's un-natural, then WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!) Eats things humans eat, and makes weapons for a living and is a ZOMBIE!!!!!!

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  • Madnesscrazy

    Mafia Madness 2.5

    August 22, 2012 by Madnesscrazy

    Some Info Change

    The two Protagonists of the episode are named Geso and Micheal.

    The temp theme is "Madness Of the Hatter".


    Total kills so far: 11

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