Agent Magnification Chamber
The Magnification Chamber

The Agent Magnification Chamber is a chamber used to convert or "magnify" agents and other units. It has been seen in Madness Combat 9: Aggregation, where it was used to revive and enlarge Hank. It consists of a large chamber which enlarges (and regenerates) agents, as well as a terminal which allows the user to modify the statistics of the agent being magnified (Deimos is seen doing this to Hank just before he is killed by an enhanced A.T.P. engineer).

The exact effects aren't clear - however most Mag agents have been altered to have a high increase of endurance and size, becoming up to 3 times the size of a regular character. After Hank was magnified he grew a large, crab-like tentacle to replace his right arm. Hank also only grew to about 2 times the size of a regular character instead of a regular Mag Agent being at 3 times. The cause of this, is most likely because Deimos was interrupted whilst he was modifying Hank, and hit the keyboard when he collapsed at the hands of the enhanced A.T.P. engineer. An "Angry Faic" was then displayed on the screen, depicting some sort of error. The screen also shows that Hank's strength was raised to 43, his agility raised to 50, and his intelligence lowered to 3. The effects of his supposed lowered intelligence have not been seen (Hank fights with the same verve and intelligence as prior); as such it isn't certain if this has a real effect or is simply an easter egg.

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